© Jeffrey Hellman 1991


I was a newcomer in town

And the time was coming round

For the rodeo

You could feel it in the air


There was posters on the windows

Of the stores, we're having' sales

And four young pretty sweet hearts

Selling tickets for a crown


A parade of floats old cars and such

Proceeded through the town

They crowned their queen, fulfilled a dream

And the partyin' got down


When we got down to the rodeo

The canyon echoed round

With the sound of country music

And good old country fun


There were people feeding cattle

And cattle feeding people

People selling those rings and things

All the beer that you could drink


There was women walking everywhere

The prettiest gals around

Some were walking some were riding

But the nicest one I found

Had eyes as wide as saucers

Watching cowboys hit the ground


Some say cowboys are crazy

For busting up their bones

Riding for the glory

Following the rodeo


But when I seen that sweet young thing

With her winner by the stands

I knew he'd ride the beasts of Hell

Just to hold her hand.


So now I roam from town to town

There are nights when my heart pounds

Sometimes I am so sore

I can feel no more


Still looking for that girl

Who'll make my poor heart whirl

And maybe settle down

With this old rodeo clown