© Jeffrey Hellman 1991


Suddenly in back of me

The sound of rubber burning

My heart just skipped a beat

My legs start pumping hurting

I pray..I pray

I pray our paths don't meet


Each day I pass they're pumping gas

Everybody frowns

The oil keeps coming up

The prices don't go down

I have to smile 'cause every mile I ride is free

I ride my bike and avoid the hike save that energy


I like living in the city

Lots to do and more to see

Now I've found that to get around

Is not as cheap as it used to be

With the train fare, cab fare, bus fare, car fare

All rising up beyond my means

I ride my bike and avoid the hike, save that energy


I don't despise exercise

Can't stand running in place

I cover ground, shed a pound

Take up a little less space

No space can erase the look on your face

As you're rolling down that hill

Underneath the wheels you were riding'