© Jeffrey Hellman 1991



Was your hurt so much greater

Than the love we had defined

That it spawned a plan of hatred

Bringing ruin to a part of our lives


Did knowing that my will to leave

Was stronger than my need to stay

Compel you to leave me something

I'd remember to this day


We could have traveled far together

We could have shared exciting lives

We could have conquered any weather

Instead of living out a lie


Love will never be enough

To give you a happy life

We loved each other not ourselves

I guess that hurt our pride


Perhaps you were bothered by the notion

Welling somewhere deep inside

We both lacked the devotion

With which love would make us blind


All I ever wanted

From our intersecting lives

Was to find a little meaning

Waging truth against the lies


The truth became our hatred

Our love became the lie

For roles that couldn't make it

Past the lust we had described