Out of My Shell



There's no limit on time

It's thought that binds

Now I know I can go out of my mind

I'd rather find a way out of my shell


Break out of my shell

tell 'em all to go to Hell

Come out from under the spell

Through a crack in my shell


I can see where all the pieces fit

I can hear each little tumbler click

It's getting crowded, got no place to sit

It's all inside, next to my pride


Here in my shell

When you strike it becomes a bell

Ringing louder than you yell

Here in my shell


I can't let you join me in here

I can hardly breath through the tears

Each time I let you get too near

Just as I fear

You chase me right back to my shell


Back in my shell

Get away from my shell

Will the truth bring us closer

Put the shell on the shelf