© Jeffrey Hellman 1991





You say our brains are bigger than most

We're civilized excellent hosts

In fact the natural born ruler's of the world


We're always thinking so very hard

'bout how to play the next card

The deck is burning and we don't feel the heat


Think about those dinosaurs

So high and mighty living like lords

Now they're just part of our floor


Bird brains the size of a pea

Give pleasant song on a summer breeze

Called away from the cold

By a voice strong and old as the sea


We traded instinct for reasoning brains

Then reasoned nature into a cage

It's just part of coming of age


Big business been digging our graves

Building tombstones higher each day

Selling love and death with baited breath

They show us cheese


We're creating a chemical womb

What new life shall spring forth from our doom

Despite all our forces, the metamorphoses shall inherit the earth