In Control

© Jeffrey Hellman 4-93



You've got all the answers

Locked up in a cave

You do your tricks with mirrors

A handshake and a wave


You're wrong to think I'm locked in

You shouldn't tell me so

I'll only stay alive as long

As I escape from strangleholds


Magicians play illusions

Paradox's twin

A parody of hopes and dreams

And uncommitted sins


It's not that I can't walk away

For now I won't

We both know where the door is

And how to throw a bolt


Now you're Judge and Jury

Decision time draws near

The trial is your glory

Your case is guilt and fear


I'm not sayin its wrong

To want things to work your way

Nor should I say you lied to me

Manipulation was your play


Some get smart early

Some can't comprehend

Some can't stop believing

Even though they understand



My way or the highway

Is easy to understand

I didn't take you for granted

When I took your hand


Growing up ain't easy

Can't buy it from a store

Can't play it safe forever

Life is just too short.