© Jeffrey Hellman 1991




Celibacy has been following me

Celibacy has left it's mark on me

I think it's a shame

If you don't play the game

You're left at home playing celibacy


Been classified as terminally shy

Start to blush if she look me in the eye

Go to parties just to hold up the walls

Wonder why I ain't got the balls

To find a little sensuality


Friends all pointed to my sobriety

Fight paranoia with a shot of whiskey

It made me numb, it made me dumb

Took her home, couldn't have any fun

She thinks it was her, but I know it was me


I fall in love at the touch of a hand

I want to change to another program

With the guys it's leers and beers

In my heart it's tears and fears

That bring on celibacy