September 9th
I set my alarm for 6 PM and so naturally I was surprised when I woke up at 7:30. Its sort of funny how being so tired prevented me from getting less sleep than I suppose I really needed last night. Somehow I managed to get everything else done that I needed to today. All the scratch vocals are done, all of the arrangements are where they need to be for tomorrow’s session and now once this update is done I will shut down and pack everything and load up the van.

I had dinner with my daughter tonight and she listened to most of the songs. She okayed all of them except one which I had to redo the vocal on. The fact that it was the song I had written about her, “Little Girl”, was not lost on me and so I didn’t even argue one bit. She normally listens to Ozzy Ozborne so it was encouraging to hear her say she liked the country rock/ballad style of the songs that I played for her.