September 7, 2003
Some days just don’t happen the way I expect them to at the start of the day. I spent most of the day working through computer glitches and helping a friend help me and retooling a computer for my daughter. I did get the rack reconnected to the rest of the studio and worked out the reason why my Powerbook was not playing nice with my firewire audio digitizer. So I am hoping to still get those two songs exported from the laptop to the Mac tonight so that tomorrow I can start recording some scratch vocals to the tracks for Wednesday.

I believe on the basis of my current experience that I can raise enough money for gas and food and campground by performing along the way and selling Cds I am rethinking the part about sponsorships for the trip and basing my planning on not having any. The trip is still doable I think and should I be able to find sponsors that will be all the better. I have come to believe that this was one of the areas where I was enhancing my view of reality with some unrealistic expectations. There is also the issue of non-cooperation on the part of a big Corp. such as TA, the biggest truck/auto stop in the country. If I approach them and they withhold permission to be there it could make it difficult though still not impossible. I am planning the test run for December/January. I want to have the CD in hand before the test since a big part of the plan is the sale of CDs. I will burn and package a small run on my own for this to test market the CD appearance and see if there should be any changes before printing the big run for the trip.

I posted yesterday a reference to how I came to believe that the Universe takes care of its own without explaining how it happened. I had caught a ride out of Steamboat Springs where I had been visiting my Brother. As I recall it was the first time I had seen a Macintosh computer. I was dropped off on a two lane highway in the middle of nowhere on a road where several minutes that seemed like hours passed between the time a car would come by. I finally pulled out my guitar and started to play nothing in particular, one of my favorites, when I noticed the campground sign across the way. I didn't have a tent or the money for a campsite but I soon had a song based on the idea that my hotel room for the night looked to be the side of the road. After a few hours passed I finally got a lift out of there to the interstate. I was sure that the longest wait I would ever have for a ride had come and gone. I was standing at the intersection of two interstate highways and shouldn't have any trouble fetching a ride from the constant stream of cars going by. Well, I waited and waited and waited some more, I waited so long my thumb was getting sore but not so sore as my ego from being constantly ignored. Finally I turned around and started reading the graffiti on the rocks nearby and then I saw it. Someone had painted a warning on the rock that on a date I can't remember they waited over 8 hours for a ride at that very spot. I got the message and picked up my suitcases and guitar and started walking toward the nearest exit, which according to the sign was a little more than 2 miles away. I walked and walked and walked some more, I walked so far the only parts sorer than my legs were my feet, which suffered the heat of the road and the load. But lo and behold as I came up on the exit there was a lone figure with his thumb out on the other side of the road. The traffic had become light and he motioned me over. He asked me to play him a tune and I played my new song for him. He liked it so much that he reached in his pocket, pulled out a 10-dollar bill and told me he had just finished a job and I should go have some food at the truck stop by the exit I had walked up to. I was pretty well stunned frankly but grateful for sure and I thanked him heartily. I walked on down to the restaurant and had the best burger fries and shake I have ever had to this day. When I was done and walking back up toward the road, a car with three very cute coeds pulled up and offered me a ride to somewhere in Wisconsin pretty close to Chicago where I was headed and I realized that because I had been given a sign at just the right moment and had found the willingness to do the literal footwork as hard as it might have been, the Universe had taken care of me when I could not care for myself. I felt one with the Universe and the phrase came to me; the universe takes care of its own. So there you have it, every word is as true as I can tell it, and I believe it is pretty much factually correct too!