September 6
Today was an all around great day. Alarm woke me up at 7 AM and off I went to the Market. Yahoo map put me right where I needed to be. Really nice foks manage this market. They are apparently all Kiwanis club members. There was a fair amount of discussion around where to locate me exactly. there was some kind of massge or chiropractic booth right where they normally would set up the music for some reason and they wanted to put me sort of in the shadow of this booth. I somehow remembered to be willing to accept the situation and basicly outlined the problems that this location would create for me while at the same time telling them that since this was my first time working this market I was willing to set up wherever they wanted me. the words were hardly out of my mouth and these kind managers decided that they had made a mistake allowing the other booth to be placed where it was and they all pitched in and convinced them to move over and even helped them move and I was able to set up in what turned out to be a perfect spot for the music. Long story short, I sold 6 CDs and saw a lot of happy faces. I can't remember ever selling more than 3 CDs at a market before. Icing on the cake of the day was one of the managers coming up to me as I was finishing loading the van. He told me that the vendor across the way from me always complains about the music at the market but that today they were actually complimentary. Then he asked me if I was interested in coming back which of course I am.

All the preparation the day before was worth the trouble. Being pressed for time last night I neglected to mention that I was able to compile a new CD to sell. I kept a few of the better tracks from the last one and added some of the newer recordings that I have from recent gigs. I gave it a new name as well; "Life is Music". One marketing decision I made was that anyone buying this CD for $10 will have the opportunity to buy the new CD for $5 when it is ready. this is my way of saying thank you for supporting me now.

I watched a little Tennis and had my first meal of the day after I got home and tried to relax for a little while. I had used my full size PA for the market and I had to reconfigure to my compact system for the Startbucks gig. Its a good thing this was a Starbucks gig because i really needed that cup of coffee when I got there. There were folks coming from Pleasanton to hear me play and firm up a tentative booking for next weekend. My voice felt a little scratchy from the morning's gig but I guess I passed the audition and so will not be at Starbucks next Saturday. I will however play next Friday instead. I sold that last 2 CDs I had burned the day before and did better than usual in the tip jar as well.

My friend Bill came by the gig and we talked for a bit. He's urging caution regarding the Truck Stop tour. He thinks it could be dangerous and that people at these stops will not be interested in what it is I am doing. He could be right. I think these are some of my Father's concerns as well and the reason he suggested testing the idea out. A few thoughts come to mind. The main thing is that I now live each day with faith that so long as I do my part, don't lie cheat or steal and always be willing to do the next right thing, the universe will somehow take care of the rest. Today was a really good example of miraculous convergence of events. I don't claim to know how or why this works, but it harkens back to the time I hitch-hiked cross country and came to realize that the universe takes care of its own the same day I wrote Wayside Motel. All I can say is that I am satisfied that at least for me things will always work out so long as I keep the faith.

Tomorrow I have to put the studio rack back together and add those two other songs I mentioned before. I also want to add scratch vocals to the songs that don't have them yet to make it easier to review them with Healy next week.