September 5

Its pretty late, in fact its really tomorrow already but only by 18 minutes. try and keep this short since I have yet to finish packing up and loading the van for tomorrow morning's gig. I hope to be out the door by 7:30 at the latest. I said yesterday Iwould try and decide on my goals for this project in today's entry and so I'll give it a shot. I want to print 2500 CDs and sell them all by the time I return. Universal lowered their CD prices to $12.95 for the standard package and so I will use that price point as a retail target. I want to hit Truck stops in all 48 states, can't drive to Hawaii and don't want to attempt the drive to Alaska for now. I believe that I can get stores to pay half the retail for the CDs they take to sell. I hope to do the tour over a period of 2 1/2 months. I hope to raise enough money from tips and personal CD sales to cover all expenses while on the road. there are approx. 150 Travelstops of America and my target is to get each one to take 10 CDs to resell. That leaves 1000 for me to sell myself or convince record stores in the towns I pass through to take. The most important goal of all though is to get my music out in front of the public and develop an audience. I know from my experiences in playing Farmer's Markets and other small venues that the majority of people who hear my music enjoy what they are hearing. A percentage of those people will throw a buck or two into the tip jar, maybe 30%. A smaller number will buy a CD, usually one or two per gig. A lightly higher number of people take my business card. The point is, it looks like a numbers game to me. The more people I get out in front of the more likely I am to make contact with someone who will buy my music and join the mailing list and come to future gigs. I don't think this is any kind of new discovery, musicians, comedians and travelling salesman have been doing this since before I was born. But more than the numbers the point for me is to finish the process that begins with the writing of a song. Its no good at all until someone hears it and somehow hears something they needed from it. That's what its really all about for me. In that regard, I hereby state that as far as I'm concerned anyone who has one of my CDs or mp3 files is welcome to share it in any way they like so long as they do not sell it. OK, have to get back to work and try and get some sleep.