September 4th
I spent the early part of the day finishing the process of reviewing my arrangements and snipping out parts to get the songs down to ~3 minutes each as I was taught to do for previous songs. I will add one or two more new arrangements tomorrow. That will give me a total of 12. I am thinking along the lines of doing a California mini tour in January in between the rainstorms as a test run. By January I should have the CD done and printed, the details that are still in limbo should be ironed out, I will have at least contacted those businesses and organizations that I hope will want to support my efforts and we can all get a taste of what is to come.

It occurred to me a while back that fantasy is living fiction. It is the process thinking myself into feeling like the future I desire is a reality today and I have to admit I am pretty good at it. Writing this journal is becoming a reality check for me. I can see by what I write just where I am starting to base decisions on things that are still fluid and changeable. I end up doing some extensive editing as a result. The point of this journal is to provide a record for me and anyone else who might find it interesting to follow the progress of an idea as it transforms from fiction to reality. Another good saying I have heard is that the harder I work, the luckier I get. My Dad told me on more than one occasion that I will only get out of life as much as I put into it and that was long before the Beatles said the same thing but limited it to love (and in the end…). I take that to mean that if I do good work, stay focused and willing to do everything I can to make this a success then it has a chance of succeeding. Having said that, I need to define my goals for this project so that I have a means by which to measure the success that I hope for. That will be a good topic/goal for tomorrow.

Several weeks ago I put together a CD demo and a Bio and sent them to a LA address where the person who books bands for the Redwood City Farmer’s Market was located. Today I got a call from him and I will be performing there on Saturday morning from 9 to noon. I was really hoping to get into this market as they say it is the oldest and largest in the area. It means however that I have to break down my studio rack and take it out for this gig. It’s a good thing I did most of the arranging work in the last two days and I will be ready for my meeting next week.