September 30

The visit with Healy went well. I had one overwhelming success, several songs that needed only a little more work and 2 that needed new vocal tracks and one that I will start from scratch. Not bad really considering that the overall consensus was that I had come a long way since the last meeting which was only 11 days ago. It seems like its been a month at least. He pulled no punches and so it is that when there is praise it really means a lot. I recorded the hour long session and imported the audio into the computer when I got home. then I broke the long file down into segments for each song so that I can review the comments for each song as I work on it. I won't go into details for now about each song but will try and discuss them as I work out the additional parts that are needed.

In other news, HP sent the exact same set of CDs that they said were the wrong ones during my half hour call on Friday. I don't know how much more of this my client will take before he starts to blame me, if he doesn't already. Its just sad really.

A quick note regarding the end of the first journal month. I will start a new page for October and leave a link on the main page as well as the top of this page for the new month.