September 3rd

Kind of busy today so I’m just getting to the journal. It’s probably a good thing to do this near end of day anyway. I am already feeling the need to remember to write this page while the day goes on. I feel like eventually I will reach a point where I no longer try to watch the day’s events from the standpoint of someone recording in the third person. It makes me feel like I have to make something interesting happen so I will have something to write about. The truth is that so far every day has interesting events and probably always did. I just never bothered to take notes before. Its funny how one thing leads to or prepares the way for another. I had just started to write regular emails to my Dad, which now it seems was good preparation for this process. Only now, it has become a daily chore rather than an occasional/weekly pleasantry. No its not really a chore at all.

Ok enough blather and on to the day’s events. I sent an email last night to my Producer asking for some time to go over the arrangements of the songs and to choose instruments and discuss what else to add to each song before starting the actual recording. We talked this morning and determined that the earliest time would be a week from today. This is good as it gives me time to review and improve what I will be bringing to the meeting. The songs all start out as MIDI files generated in Band in a Box. From there I bring the files into Digital Performer. These files normally contain Bass, Guitar, Piano and Strings tracks as well as a group of 8 to 12 Drum tracks. Each track is then linked to a device. In this case I am using a Roland JV-1010 for the instruments and a Roland M BD-1 for the drums. Once we have decided on which particular patch/instrument from each device to use I will record each track as audio and remove the midi tracks. Once this is done I can begin the process of adding ‘live’ tracks with various instruments and vocals. The good news is that Mark of the Unicorn has finally released version 4.1 of Digital Performer today. The bad news is that their implementation of AU, Audio Units, is not compatible with TC Electronics Powercore card which means I still cannot use their Reverbs and other plug-ins for my mixes. This shouldn’t actually impact the project however since Healy wants to mix using his Nuendo system and should that not come to pass I believe there will be a fix for this problem by the time we are actually ready to start mixing the songs.

Maybe that was more information than you needed, but there are some folks who will find the technical stuff of interest. In other news, I monitor an online list for musicians and found an interesting post today. Someone was looking for bands to spotlight for a documentary type project so I wrote to them and received this response…


Hey let me say first off, thanks for your submission

and interest in our project. We have been getting a

lot of submissions even though we just posted today!

Crazy stuff, anyways I do like what you have to offer

and I will be contacting you more with what we are

doing on our end. This is a documentary style TV show.

Were looking for interesting camera friendly people,

who are not shy and have character. You are currently

on our list for callbacks. Will you be able to

audition sometime during this month? Please give us

feedback as to how we can meet and get to know you

better. Thank you for all your time in this matter we

look forward to documenting and helping you in your



Thomas Cardamone


As my friend Gary likes to say, on any given day I need all the help I can get.