September 2

Feedback came in. I received some good suggestions and questions. Questions either reinforce decisions and information already gathered or point out gaps and incongruities in my thinking. Some questions help to shed light in areas that I did not see before. But every question has an answer so far and so far the answers all serve to advance the idea/plan. Here’s a conversation I had online with my daughter last night:

so read my weblog

Daughter says: (10:16:32 PM)
oh yeah

Daughter says: (10:16:37 PM)
can you post the link again?

-jeff says: (10:16:38 PM)
its the first entry and you might find it interesting

-jeff says: (10:17:47 PM)

Daughter says: (10:22:17 PM)
well what are you going to do with all your stuff?

-jeff says: (10:22:43 PM)
I'm coming back its just a cross country tour

Daughter says: (10:23:26 PM)
what if it doesn't work?

Daughter says: (10:23:34 PM)
and you run out of money half way there

-jeff says: (10:23:55 PM)
the thing of it is that I know I can always raise enough money to buy gas by playing music

-jeff says: (10:24:20 PM)
and I will have cds for sale and I'm hoping to have sponsors, did you read all the way through?

Daughter says: (10:24:42 PM)
yeah pretty much

-jeff says: (10:25:13 PM)
You are right to ask those questions though, I don't expect to leave here without answering them all first

-jeff says: (10:25:27 PM)
I have a lot of work to do to get ready for this

-jeff says: (10:26:06 PM)
some of that work involves selling some corporations on the idea that I will attract a lot of attention and that it would benefit them to be part of my trip

-jeff says: (10:26:29 PM)
they will get good publicity from it

-jeff says: (10:26:58 PM)
these businesses have people that spend every day trying to think up good ways to advertise themselves

Daughter says: (10:27:11 PM)
but some might think that since you're just a small town musician that you won't get much business so they won't give you theirs

-jeff says: (10:28:24 PM)
that is true, and it is my job to create music that is good enough to make them think people will like it. But the real hook for this idea is performing at truck stops across america. No one that I know of has ever done this type of thing and that makes it interesting to people.

Daughter says: (10:29:06 PM)
well what you should do is start small and work your way up.. try and find a music thingie that's just starting out and recommend them

-jeff says: (10:29:11 PM)
Truckers all have cb radios and they will talk about the crazy guy who plays at the truck stops but the music was actually pretty good and worth listening to

Daughter says: (10:29:42 PM)
well those are the truckers from reality tv

-jeff says: (10:29:47 PM)

-jeff says: (10:32:49 PM)
I'm not trying to say that this is a sure fire can't miss idea. There is certainly risk involved. But you know people like to hear about people that take these kinds of risks. They identify with them because their own lives are pretty much the same every day. They get to live some excitement by watching someone else take the risk, they call this living vicariously.

-jeff says: (10:34:01 PM)
I will be updating my weblog on a mostly daily basis and people will start to read it and talk about it and once I am on the road I will update it with stories of what happened that day and it will build and grow

Daughter says: (10:34:37 PM)

So at the end of that conversation the basis for why I think my idea will work comes out. Now I didn’t really think about the mechanics of human nature that would contribute to the possible success of this thing when I started mapping it out; that’s not who I am. I find it interesting, though, that I was able to dissect the idea and find the validity of the concept in order to explain it to my daughter.

I need to acknowledge that what I say to her will happen is what I hope will happen but I by no means believe for a minute that it is a done deal. I know well enough by now that fantasies are living fiction and that I have spent many days over the years lost in fantasies I created for myself. I do have some faith that if I do all the footwork necessary to give this idea an opportunity to blossom that there is at least a good possibility it will happen.

My Dad checked in today after reading the email with yesterday’s submission. He suggested that I could do a test of the idea locally. I must say it hadn’t occurred to me but it’s a logical thing to do. So I am in the process of devising such a test. I am looking at either the Redding or Santa Nella Travel Center locations. My hope is that those of you who have found your way to this page and are in the vicinity will let me know and vote for a location. The email address is easy, there is a link below this and every other entry to my weblog. So how about it?