September 27/28

My commitment is to try and do a page every day for the journal. I didn't get there last night so here is a quick update, I may add to this later today. The alarm got me up at 7:05 yesterday and out the door I went to play the Santa Clara Farmer's Market. It stayed overcast the whole morning and early afternoon but it was fairly well attended and I did OK in the tips area. No CD sales though. I came home and had some lunch and after a while I took a nap. at 6:05 I was awakened by a sharp pain in my calf. It was a pretty severe cramp that took a few minutes to subside and left me with a bit of a painful limp. It did however get me up in time to go play my Starbucks gig. I guess I will be more careful in the future to not take naps when I have a gig in the offing or at least reset the alarm if I do. the Starbucks gig was fun. There were more people there than on any previous occasion and every seat was taken for a little while.

Today I am back to being focused on the project. I have to finish the new vocal for Crime of No Passion and record a vocal for Rodeoville.

11:30 PM

I guess I forgot that I finished the Crime vocal after all. That was what kep me up the night before the gig and made me so tired after. Rodeoville went off without a hitch and I was left with enough time to take a pass at another song that I had in mind to record for my Dad. A while back, July 4th of this year, I played a private party that I have performed at for the last three years. I had just worked up a new Beatles song as part of a large group of covers that I had added to my repertoire in order to satisfy what seemed to be required to play some of the clubs in the area. I had taken a shot at this song several years ago and it seemed to be just impossible for me to do justice to. This time, something new happened. The song seemed to sing itself and a part of my voice I had not experienced before took flight. It was what I always knew I could do with the song but could never figure out how. I believe that all the work I had been doing for the last 6 months had strengthened my voice and made it possible to hit and hold the notes that had always eluded me before. Practice may not always make perfect for me, but it has made some things possible that were not before. So it was the George Harrison song, "Something" that debuted on July 4th. It happens that I had also used this occasion to try out a new recording technique using my Powerbook and Digital Performer. When I got home I was able to mix down the song and thought enough of it to use it on a demo cd even though the second chorus had me off mic at first, it came across as the best vocal of the day. It was a live take so people should understand. the point was that I needed to make a demo to send to an agent who books a large Farmer's market in the area and so I made two copies, one for him and one for my Dad. I had almost forgotten that I sent it when the phone rang and I heard words that I had hoped to hear someday. I guess my Dad liked the CD. So it was that when last week he asked me to send him another copy I decided to use the recording chops I had been developing for the last several weeks and do a new recording. The consensus here is that it came out so well I ought to put it on the new CD. the song is available for licensing so I guess I'll have to present it to Healy along with the others on Tuesday and see what he thinks. Meanwhile, I still have to record the guitar solo and burn the CDs I promised to mail by tomorrow so I will sign off. Oh , almost forgot, the market the agent booked for was the Redwood City market that I talked about in an earlier entry, so the CD passed muster with him as well.