September 26

Well, technically September just turned 27 5 minutes ago. An interesting sort of day. It was another day of reviewing the current state of things and responding to critiques. Its a conundrum of sorts trying to sort out precisely what someone is trying to tell me.
The day started out with a 30 minute phone call to HP Tech support to follow up on a set of CDs which should have arrived several days ago. It turned out that the last rep I talked to had entered notes regarding the problem that I had reported with the last set of CDs but had failed to send the CDs and had given me the order number for the previous wrong set of CDs and represented it as the new order number for the new set that was supposed to ship. It became clear that he had been unable to get the order set up and so just punted the problem by telling me it was taken care of. I just don't know how to respond to this. The person that is on the phone with me is not responsible for the behavior of someone who it turns out was in India. he would not even admit to me that there was any way to report what I now considered a violation and furthermore he had no way to change the shipping method for the new order which he had placed. so it will be sometime next week when the CDs arrive, hopefully. It was 9 days ago on the 17th that I stated i would not ever go back into tech support following my last interaction with HP and today's conversation has only reinforced that decision. The good news is that I somehow managed to remain calm even after realizing that I had just used up an entire day's allotment of cellular minutes on this phone call. I just hope this guy actually gets the CDs sent this time. Following the call I phoned my client and told him the bad news and then arranged to go by his house and fix a couple of issues that were left hanging.

I started converting the midi tracks to audio for the remaining song for the CD. This was the third time I was doing this for Rodeoville but each previous time it had become clear that the arrangement was not right and I did it over. This song came about as the result of witnessing a small town rodeo for the first time. I had just arrived in Garberville/Redway to begin working at Healy's radio station. I had no idea what to expect when I got there but I had come to believe that I would be a really good DJ if given the chance and so I was hoping for the chance to prove myself. healy has donated his services and resources to the Rodeo ever since that time and probably a few years prior to that one. He provided a sound system for the Parade downtown and was the MC for that event as well as sound support for the Rodeo itself. So it was that everyone at the station was either working on the air, supporting the on the air show or working on Rodeo related stuff. I being brand new to the station was able to observe most of the time. So it was that after the Rodeo had passed I had absorbed the whole thing and it blew me away. This was bigger than the 4th of July for many of the folks in this town and seeing the animals and the riders and ropers and the whole scene, i sat down at the typewriter that was used to type out the announcements and commercials that were read on the air and typed out the whole lyric just like that. I called it rodeoville because I had the sense that this was a timeless common ground that materialized here and there where townsfolk welcomed the celebration of life and skill and competition.

I met with Dave at Starbucks on the way back from the client's house. I had a real hard time understanding the feedback he was trying give me. First of all I disagreed with most of the statements he made. He got irritated when I questioned what he was saying and so it was that there was mostly miscommunication during that meeting. I knew that there had to be some substance to what he was saying, I just found it hard to get to the bottom of it. So I went back and listened to all of them again myself. I finished converting the midi tracks in Rodeoville and then had some dinner. I listened again. I finally decided that there were two songs that needed to have the vocals done over from scratch. So long story short, I went to my meeting, came back and redid the vocal on Wayside and toned it down. Then I called Dave and we went over all the songs one by one and by the time we were done he had either agreed that the vocal was actually OK or agreed to disagree and leave it at that.

Also during the afternoon I got a call from Ron asking if I could play Santa clara. He had a cancellation. I was supposed to be on a bicycle with Roy but Markets and income come first so I happily said yes. the bike ride was in jeopardy anyway since I had also been offered tickets to a Rosh Hashana Service in the morning and I was thinking I would take Hannah since she had never been to one to these services. So all I can say is Good Yontif! May the new year bring much joy and happiness to us all.