September 25

Today was a good day. By the time I got to my meeting tonight I was feeling really good about life and being pursued by happiness. I was a bit perplexed earlier in the day though. I burned a couple of cds of 11 song mixes and met my friend Dave for coffee. We listened to the songs on a boom-box and they were not the same songs that I remembered, at least they didn't sound the same. I am only trying to get these songs mixed well enough to be able to review them with Healy and go on to the next stage of development. Its important though that the mixes be at least listen-able. I should be able to do at least that much at this point in my education. And so it was that I realized I needed to adjust my thinking as to what frequencies are important to accentuate in the lower end for the Bass and Bass drum and also adjust the relative level of the vocal to the rest of the mix. i have a natural tendency to keep the vocals softer than they should be. It comes from being self conscious about my singing. This is not the time to be shy. Its just an unnatural position to be in so far as the production of this music. Normally you have an engineer and a producer in the room with you and all you have to do is perform and then the three of you determine if its all there or needs more or what to change and so on. For me, I have to try and imagine what Healy would say or suggest. In the end I have to play all the roles, and then when we meet I get to find out how close to the mark I actually got. It turns out that I am much more productive in this circumstance. the amount of time between the realization that the last piece of recording is garbage and needs to be redone and the redoing is a matter of seconds not minutes. I am able to work on 10 second blocks of singing until I am happy and move on without having to wait for someone else to cue up the spot and so forth. It frees me up in a way. The downside is that if I get impatient and start to settle for less than what I should be doing there is no one to argue with me. I recorded a vocal for Love Won't Die this morning. I was in a hurry so I could include the song on the CD of mixes that I was bringing to coffee. When I got back home I deleted the whole thing and redid the vocal and the song is better for it. If i don't catch these things now Healy will and he will pull no punches when we review them together. On the other hand when something is good it pays for many mistakes.

So, I came back after coffee and went right back to work. I was able to remix 5 of the songs before it was time to get Hannah from school. They all sounded better on the cheap speakers in the van on the way to get her. I don't know how they will sound to me tomorrow, but I remixed the other tunes after dropping Hannah off and burned a new CD for Dave. Dave knows his way around a flute and plans to work up some tracks with the files I gave him. He will then hand me back a CD with his tracks which I can bring back into the individual song projects on my computer. As with all the tracks Healy will decide what goes and what stays. I'm happy to not be part of that decision making when it comes to friends contributions. I passed the CD off to Dave on my way to the meeting and so it was that I was filled with good will toward all when I got there. I was dancing inside and the band wasn't half bad.