September 24

A day of checks and balances I guess. Someone on the motu list came up with the solution for the firewire problem. Apparently something in the Apple installer caused some kind of corruption in the Motu Firewire software. The solution was to completely remove the Motu firewire software, something that required booting from an OS9 volume in order to be able to trash one of the files that was protected by the system, and then do a fresh install of the very same software. So today I was able to go back to working with my original configuration. Balance once again.

I burned a CD of the nine songs I thought were ready to get sent off and listened to them on a portable CD player and then the van cd player. Its amazing how what sounded like a reasonably good mix on good speakers can go to hell in a hurry when I listen on normal speakers. All of the vocals are buried behind the other instruments. Some are worse than others, but I will go back and remix all of them before passing them around. I worked on "Your Time Has Come" today as well. I converted all the midi tracks to audio and recorded the vocal track this evening. My daughter hannah was over for our regular dinner and a movie afternoon/evening. I played some of the songs for her and got mixed reviews. At least on Little Girl she said the vocal sounded natural whereas on a few of the others she said it sounded more like talking than singing. I think that she is used to hearing me sing in one particular style and now I am exploring other styles and phrasing that sounds foreign to her ears. I am still going back and trying to hear what she is hearing though. I know of myself that there is a tendency to dismiss opinions that clash with my own. When someone is critical of something that I had already decided was 'Grammy' material it is hard to accept that there might be some truth to what they say. What is interesting is that with Hannah in the room my mixes sounded very different to my ears than they had when I was alone. I remember Healy talking once about listening with someone else's ears and I have experienced this on several occasions but today was very clear cut. Check. So if the proof is in the pudding, who you feed the pudding to seems to be as important as the proof.

The best aspect to this particular phenomena is that it resonates within the strong commitment I have made to myself to take all the time necessary to do this project right. No more and no less. I have in the past made concessions to quality in order to push something out that was not my best work. This time I will start a song over from scratch if that is the only way to get it right. I am on a schedule and still on schedule, but that timeline can stretch a bit if necessary.