September 22

True to my intentions I woke up at 7 and got right to work. At 10:30 AM now I have recorded vocals on 3 tunes. I started off with Crime of no passion and I may have to do that one over as my voice was not really loosened up too well. Next was How Many Pieces which I really just went back to review but decided that although I was on the right track with the phrasing the vocal in general was unacceptable. I am hoping that the one I did today will still sound as good tomorrow. Next I lay down a new vocal for Not Tonight and I am really very happy with that one too. I am listening to the playback as I write this. I decided to go back and redo the rodeoville arrangement one more time and not have it change styles in the minor part of the song in the middle. Working on Sleep Here Every Night, I may decide to scratch the last verse in favor of a solo part.

I was interrupted by the telephone just as I was about to start on vocals for Wayside Motel. I had to leave the house for a bit to deal with a personal matter. By the time I got back it was too hot to continue.

The temperature hit 98 outside and 92 inside. Fortunately the days are shorter now and so it cools off earlier and its now almost pleasant inside at 11PM. I was able to go back to work around 6PM and decided to simply work on mixing the songs that were ready for it. As a result I now have 7 songs ready for the interim CD. That leaves 6 songs 2 of which are somewhat in limbo regarding their arrangements.

Someone was apparently able to log onto my storage area as me today. They were nice enough to send me one of my files from there using my email address. It was a bit disconcerting but it seems no harm has come from it. I will have to change my passwords I guess