September 21

Its 5:30 in the afternoon, the temperature outside is 96 degrees; inside its 88 and rising. Its too hot to work. This morning I played the Belmont market. It was the warmest I have been this summer. The heat may have affected my playing or the willingness of market goers to contribute but it was slow going from the start. About 11AM some workers from the Dean campaign showed up and asked if they could have some of my shade. I use a 10' square EZUP canopy. i said they could have whatever they could find so long as they didn't crowd me. Since they would essentially have to be under the canopy they just setup a few feet away. Once they were there the already slow flow of tips became a trickle. Perhaps it was the fact that people tend to not want to be accosted as they walk around a market by those with an agenda. I suspect the Mr. Dean will not be a front runner in California for very long if he was to begin with. Most people that passed by their table did not want to talk to them.

10:15 PM-the temperature inside has dropped to 79 degrees which is livable. Couple notes from the last 2 days. My Gibson has problems with the neck and needs help. The good news is that I rode out to the shop with my room mate and another guy who I have heard and watched play guitar on several occasions. His hands hardly move as the notes fly from his instrument. He walked in while I was working with a mix of How Many Pieces and really liked it. I took the opportunity to ask him if he would contribute some solos and fills to the project and he said he would like to. As I said before, I need all the help I can get. Given my current circumstances the guitar repair will have to wait. I have another guitar I can use for my parts in the songs and now that I have found an excellent volunteer for the solos it is not so important.

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot as today so I plan to get up early and get right to work. I need to stay focused on getting my part of the work done.