September 18

Finishing the post worked. I closed the lid on the laptop and was asleep in no time. its almost 1AM now, I just wasted a whole lot of time trying to install drivers for my Microsoft keyboard so I wouldn't have to type on the laptop keyboard and guess what they don't work. Never mind that Microsoft's download page doesn't work right for intellimouse or keyboard and that I had to go to Google to get a link to version tracker to actually be able to download the installer and then after a restart it still doesn't work. There ought to be a button on every page that has user controls or links so that if something is broken you need only click the button and someone will be alerted to test the page. No email, no phone calls to tech support, just a button that lights up a tester's test matrix and says hey look me over and fix me for the next guy. The point is that I dare not try and sleep before posting today's entry to the journal for fear I will just have to do it anyway and get even less sleep.

I was able to do some more computer consulting today. Turned out that a hard drive was going south and needed to be replaced. Fortunately I was able to pull the drive and drop it into an external case, transfer the data to a new drive and then drop that one into the machine. All is well and I received another paycheck. This turns out to be good timing because the starter in the van will not turn if the engine gets too hot and I have seen this same behavior before. It ends in a relatively short time with the starter not working at all. My friend Bill has a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup that he loaned to me when the gas pedal broke a couple months ago. I had a gig that I would have missed but for his generosity. It has 105000 miles but ran great and it has a 6 cylinder engine. I am thinking that engine will be needed for getting over the Rockies when the time comes. The basic vision I have for the trip is a truck with a small trailer in back. The audio gear will be in the trailer and ideally I would only need to open a side door to reveal the speakers and the rear door for the mixer and laptop and other gear. I have a Honda generator for places without electricity available and can even be battery powered if necessary. This configuration would allow me to sleep in the pickup bed and store everything else in the trailer. I would also like to have some kind of sign or banner on the truck and/or trailer that identified me and the tour and the website address. We looked the truck up on Blue Book) and it looks like it should sell for between $1500 and $2000. I am hoping to be able to get $800 or more for my van and put some of what I earned in the last few days with that and see if he will carry the balance. Anyway, I still have to put an ad out on Craigslist and pass the word around that the van is for sale. It has a rebuilt engine at 99K miles so it ought to appeal to someone.

As for what really matters, I started over today on Thea. Well not completely. There is a demo up in the mp3 area of this song. I had saved a file at the point where I felt the midi tracks were no longer needed and then began adding audio tracks like a vocal track. the work I talked about earlier was with the file that no longer had the midi tracks. Tonight I decided that the song needed some more instrument tracks based on those deleted midi tracks and that there really wasn't anything that couldn't be redone and done better so I went back to the prior file and started adding the tracks that Healy had asked for, a calliope and rhythm track and some dark sounding tracks. I plan to add the main vocal tracks next, once all the basic instrument tracks are done and then mix each song and send them up to Woodacre for review. I'm kind of anxious to try out the new vocal technique on recording these songs. My hope is to have the Cd ready to send by October 1st.