September 16

Not much to say about today. I worked on Rodeoville and created a new arrangement for 911.

September 17

The San Mateo Farmer's Market takes place on Wednesday's in a lower parking area of the College of San Mateo. Today the weather was perfect and I seemed to be in a great mood even though I had to fight traffic and started 10 minutes late. The people at the market were great and there were lots and lots of young children to play for. For some reason today I was able to relax my voice and let the microphone do the work. Consequently, I was able to alternate songs and instrumentals throughout the performance and the voice remained strong. The last several gigs, I have been straining and could hardly sing in the evening if I had another gig. This was the technique that I had instinctively used when I first started singing Something and found a new area in my voice I had not known I had. I have been trying to pin down this part of the technique and had been subconsciously telling myself to relax, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Today it started working in all the songs. It is a big deal for me, it really boosts my confidence, well it will boost my confidence if I can duplicate it again tomorrow or Saturday when I have my next gig.

I couldn't keep my eyes open and I lay down to sleep thinking I would finish this in the morning. I can't tell if I slept or not, but after a while I found myself in thoughts that seemed to fade in almost like a scene in a movie and my mind was clear and awake. This has happened before, when it does I sometimes cannot get to sleep at all. Perhaps finishing this entry will allow me to sleep in peace.

I tried doing more with Rodeoville today but did not record any more tracks. I searched for some free sound fx, whips horse gallop and so on but what I found is pretty poor fidelity and not usable. I guess I will have to go to the library and see what can be found. I worked on the intro for Thea and I think I have something close to what Healy was asking for. I started to record fills with the same effect and found that if I practice a small part of the song over and over again I can work out a line and record it. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish this part.

Once upon a time I worked in a tech support department for a good size software company. I was pretty good at it for the most part. I could close my eyes and ask questions and almost see the screen that the customer was looking at. Intuition is also a big help. Well, in working with my client on Friday we called HP to arrange to replace his system restore disks which he seemed to have lost. He received the replacements on Tuesday and I ran the restore process for him. There are 7 CDs and the whole process takes about 45 minutes. After inserting the last cd an error came up on the screen to the effect that something that was expected to be there was not found. When we restarted the machine it said that the hard drive was not a valid startup disk. I took the machine home and ran the installer again and go the same error so I called HP customer support. The person that answered the call never varied from a monotone delivery. "Yes sir, we sometimes deal with this problem" "I will have to arrange a new set of disks." "I know we have your address but you will have to stay on the line so I can give you your confirmation number" All this and more delivered in the same unemotional monotone. When I was doing this work we handed out sympathy like it was kleenex. Of course I was doing more than just reading a script of a screen, So he didn't want to deal with the problem of who should really be responsible for paying for my time since they had sent the bad disks and he couldn't offer up any temporary solutions or workarounds. They weren't in the script. I will not charge my client for the time I had to spend with their bogus disks and I will not under any circumstances go back to doing tech support if my musical career does not take off. I wouldn't last very long, I would spend way too much time trying to fix the problem on the phone instead of just sending bogus cds and hoping the customer will give up and buy a new machine. I might actually apologize as well even if it wasn't in the script.