September 14

The winds of change blew through the day trying hard to take my thoughts into an uncertain future. Yet another day of unexpected occurrences. It will be interesting to see how things play out. I have no idea as yet. All I can say is that the circumstances surrounding my living situation appear headed for some kind of change. What changes will be in place when the dust settles are not clear. I only have faith that if i keep my self focused on doing the next right thing, I will be at peace with the outcome. Sorry for the over generalized nature of this post but it would not serve any good purpose to say more at this time. the purpose for this journal is to document the process and progress of the recording project and then hopefully an effort to promote the recording by traveling across the country and performing at Truck Stops as a means of bringing the music to the people. It may be that this idea won't be fully realized due to other events or responsibilities getting in the way. So I guess that means I have to be willing to discuss more than just the recording process and keep track of events that come up in my personal space that may cause conflicts or need to be overcome in order to keep the project afloat. The kinds of changes that have appeared on the horizon fall into this category and so I will talk more about them as things become clearer.

I have the studio all set up and plan to work up another song before falling off to sleep tonight. The day was spent consulting in the morning, Then picking up my daughter and watching the Two Towers, finally. Gollum is an extraordinary achievement in my humble opinion. Then coffee with Dave home and a salad and shower then off to set up my Sunday night meeting. I did bring my acoustic guitar and had some time to work out a few tunes. I have decided to record a few songs with just the guitar and singing once the other tunes are well in hand. Dave was talking about listening to an Old Dylan tape and how beautiful a simple guitar and voice can be together. I don't know if any of the these will make it onto the CD, but I do have several songs that would lose something if translated to Band in a Box arrangements. I really question whether I have the chops to pull of something like that but I want to find out and now is the time.

I think I'll just call it a night and work on the songs tomorrow. I have to remember that I do better work when I am not so tired. All I have planned for tomorrow is to install some memory for a friend and what I hope is a short meeting with someone else.