September 13

Another day where I was unable to do any work on the project. Today was devoted to performing, the fruits of which will keep the phone working and the lights on. I wish I had a recording of this evening performance. There were a couple of times where I said to myself when the song was finished that it seemed like the best one to date. I'll have to figure out a way to at least put up a microphone and a cassette recorder for the compact system gigs just so I can go back and see if I was right. I know of myself that many times my impression at the gig is not on the mark but most times it is, when I can verify it. Tonight's gig was interesting in that I was nervous but I didn't feel the nervousness. I knew I was though by how I was perspiring at certain times. While everyone else had Lasagna I was having clams. But when I was able to focus I was able to be more expressive than usual, at least from where I was standing. Perhaps I was intimidated by the surroundings.

Most embarrassing moment of the week, my van would not start after I had unloaded it. The host assured me that he could jump it for me if necessary. I coasted backwards to the place he wanted me to park. My 23 year old beat up VW Van was certainly out of place in the driveway of this magnificent home and of course it would pick today to decide to have the starter go south on me. I was confidant that it would start again once the motor cooled down and it did. The air today was as hot or hotter than any other day this year by my estimation. Hopefully the starter will hang in there as the weather cools down.