September 12

I must always remember that the future is uncertain. On any given day the progress of the day will most likely move in unexpected directions. I spent most of the day doing some consulting work for someone who had called the night before. I had thought perhaps an hour at best. The RIAA should not be so afraid of services like Kazaa. I don't see how they can survive their own devil may care attitude about the software they cause to be downloaded to client computers. In this case a once fast cpu was totally bogged down and had suffered irreparable directory damage such that the only solution was to salvage all vital data and wipe the old drive clean and start over again. The reason my clients computer had reached this state was due to his daughter's computer becoming unusable for the same reason and she had just moved on to using his. So I had to work on both machines and it took all day. Normal rational people will not suffer through this kind of damage once they realize where it is coming from. the problem with Kazaa is that it allows software intallations to occur without telling you. Once upon a time I had tried out this service and it only stayed installed for 48 hours before I realized I was being invaded. Why do you think these services are free? They make good money sending someone's hacked code to your machine so they can open advertising windows and worse while you get your "free" music.

I fell better now. Needless to say I was not able to do any work today on the project other than to send out a cd with an exported sync track and all the audio files to Not Tonight I have a Heartache. the idea is to see if Healy can successfully import this into his Nuendo setup or identify an obstacle that can be overcome. The sooner we establish that my DP recordings can be brought to his system the better able I am to work out a strategy for recording the tracks. For instance, if I will simply export to his system then all I need worry about is getting the tracks recorded. If we are to stay in the Digital Performer environment then I will do some initial work applying plugins and minor mixing tasks to save time later. Another factor to consider is third party tracks. We have discussed having some harmonies and different instrument tracks from mutual friends as well as some people that healy believes would be willing to make a contribution; pedal steel guitar on a couple of songs for instance. If we can work with the Nuendo system then we can record some of these tracks in his studio.

I went straight from the consulting gig to the music gig tonight. There was some question when I got there if these two guys who used to play every Friday but went back to school might show up to play that night. In the end I was asked to go ahead and set up and if they showed up they would be offered tomorrow night. As it happened they did show up around 7:30 and they would not be able to play tomorrow. I offered to split the night with them and broke down my set at 8:15. As it happens I had received a call during the day from Erin to ask if I would perform at her Half Moon Bay Farmer's Market tomorrow, so I was actually happy to quit early. As you may recall i have a party to play tomorrow night as well and a business meeting to chair in between so it will be a full day. I plan to do mostly instrumentals for the market and save the voice for the party. I can play all day long, but the voice will get hoarse in a hurry if I over do it.

All in all, this has turned into a very lucrative weekend and I have to say it comes at just the right time. I can pay my phone bill now, I wasn't worried, but it would not be good to be without a phone right now.