September 11
I guess that the best thing I can talk about today is how I came to write 911(Your time has come). It was a matter of days after the fall of the towers and I felt like I needed to do something but I felt helpless and powerless to do anything that would make any kind of difference. My friend Gary came by and we talked about the tragedy and I expressed my feelings about the whole thing and no sooner had the words left my mouth than I realized that there was something I could do and I said so to Gary. I picked up my guitar and just like that the song was in my hands. I remember thinking minor to start and then it all just happened. The words for the first verse came with the music and then later I sat down and wrote out the rest of the song.

I will stand with my brothers on the rubble of the flights

Take from there the courage to fight the good fight

You better run, your day is done, your time has come

We're coming over mountains; you can't climb

We're coming over oceans; You can't sail

We're coming from the sky; You can't fly

We're coming over land, so you can't run away

For every son and daughter brought down by what you've sown

A thousand tears upon your head by those you once held close

You better run, your day is done, you're time has come

You can hide in the shadows, travel in the night

You won't escape exposure or capture by the light

You better run, you're day is done, you're time has come

It is a real translation of what I was feeling at the time and I felt like I had done something. I had done my job as a songwriter. I had recorded the way i felt about what had happened. As for today I will only say that I don't like seeing this level of anger and hatred inspired within me. If I had even thought about whether I could be brought to the point of being willing to pick up a gun and shoot someone I would not have thought it possible. Now I know that I can be brought to that point and all I can do is pray that I never find it necessary to take another person's life. I wish the same for you.

As for the project, I was able to convert midi tracks into actual audio for 3 songs today. I added extra tracks on each one. As a result of the time spent with Healy yesterday I have a new perspective on what might work in a song and so I added some interesting sounding instruments I wouldn't have considered before. It will be interesting to see if they actually get used in the final mix. Progress not perfection, but definitely a good day.