September 10, 2003
I can’t stop yawning. Back in the day, in the early days for me, someone once pointed out a banner hanging from the front of a balcony in an East Coast hockey hall and asked me if I knew what it said. I stared at it for a while, the letters were really funny looking, not like letters I could recall seeing except maybe on a concert poster sometime…and as the hallucinations cleared for a moment the letters juggled themselves into a vaguely recognizable alphabet and there it was; Healy is a genius. The words came out of my mouth and this person gave me the biggest grin, shook their head and danced off into the ether.

We went over all the songs but one today and that one was a previous work that needs to be reworked before we can proceed with it. For every song that I presented to him he found a historical precedent and instructed me to find the recording and study it in order to see the similarities and to try and understand what made the recording stand out. Ideas just flow out unfettered as the sequence plays out. Sometimes we would repeat a section many times finding just the right spot to place a particular type of fill that should be constructed out of these elements and would be mixed just so.

I have my work cut out for me. I have the time and the tools and so tomorrow I will begin the next phase, converting midi parts to audio and adding new parts with guitar(s) and keyboard and working on finding just the right vocal presentation for each song.

By the way, I’m taking out the join the list items from the page. Its an editorial decision really, I’ll leave one at the bottom of the page.